Drone Cinematography Training

So you bought a DJI Mavic, you have your own drone, and you have discovered that you can make some pretty cool drone videos.

Maybe you have even sold a few of those videos to real estate clients.

Congratulations, you are a commercial drone operator and welcome to the drone industry.

However, that does not make you a Drone Cinematographer or Aerial Cinematographer.

To go from being a drone owner to a much sought-after aerial cinematographer you need to acquire some special artistic and technical skills.

You will have to learn new flight techniques, you may need to attend a flight certification course, and will need to acquire the proper FAA Licenses and drone insurance.

Moreover, you have to learn the difference between a basic photo and video, aerial shots, and genuinely artistic aerial cinematography.

Our partners aerial cinematography training course will show you how to take your drone photography or drone videography business to the next level.

Learn how to become a professional drone videography artist.

With the first hand and in-person certification course, you will learn to fly professional drone cinematography systems, think like a filmmaker, capture stunning aerial shots, edit to get the best artistic end-product and deliver award-winning cinematic drone videography.

the ghost gimal used in drone cinematography training
the ghost gimal used in drone cinematography training

Do you want to make money flying your unmanned aerial system to capture high-quality drone videography?

Drones, even the low-end consumer versions such as a Mavic Air, can be used to produce amazing aerial footage.

Professional drone cinematographers can capture such stunning footage that until recently could only be achieved by costly Hollywood professional technology and studios.

Yes, the professional equipment available today has changed the game.

However, just as with professional photography, just owning the latest aerial platform or the newest aerial photography equipment does not make you an artist, and does not automatically guarantee a path to becoming a successful aerial videographer or cinematographer.

Moreover, it certainly does not mean that you will build a successful drone video business.

With the advent of the new drone videography technology, amateurs have flooded media outlets with mediocre, average, or even dull aerial imagery.

As a result, audiences are demanding more. They understand there is a big difference between a basic “drone aerial footage” and emotion-stirring aerial cinematography.

Viewers and buyers are demanding more professional output, better quality, and more artistry!

Our partners have been in the aerial cinematography business before drones became a household word.

Hannah and Jessi were filmmaker and cinematographers who embraced drone technology.

Also, when the technology did not solve all their needs, they invented solutions (check out Ghost Gimbals).

We were first video cinematographers before we became drone cinematographers.

We were early adopters and as artists had the good fortune of working with some real discerning studios to capture adventure footage, high-end cinema footage, and high-quality live broadcast video.

Along the way, we pioneered real drone video artistry. It’s been a fantastic ride and along the way, we made a lot of mistakes and learned the difference between what delivers average and what’s required to produce stunning footage.

backflip on muntainside example of image from drone cinematography training
Backflip on muntainside example of image from drone cinematography training

Drone Cinematography Training

In our partner custom drone cinematography training programs, we start with an assessment of your technical and artistic skills.

So we tailor a program specifically focused on getting you to the point where you are ready to build a professional drone cinematography business.

Whether you are a cinematographer new to drones, or are a drone owner new to cinematography, the training program will raise both skills to the levels required of an artistic drone cinematographer.

We built this training program on our many years of cinematography, filmmaking and drone technology experience.

Our work has taken us to many exotic locations and allowed us to work with a broad repertoire of video requirements, from hunting to racing, to dramatic vistas.

In this training program, we share it all with you.

As the owners of a commercial drone video production company ourselves, our partners have created not only an informative and visually stunning course but one that is also oriented towards building a successful business.

If you are looking to capture beautiful, immersive and breath-taking aerial cinematography, then this course will meet your needs.

If you want to build a business doing that, then the Drone Cinematography Business Masterclass will get you on the right path to success!

the creativity of drone cinematography training
The creativity of drone cinematography training

Drone Cinematography Business Masterclass

If you want to build a successful drone photography or drone cinematography business, then you will need to become a professional drone artist first.

You will need to develop skills that genuinely differentiate your work from others.

After all, it’s relatively easy for anyone to go out and buy professional quality drone video equipment.

To stand out and make money, you will need to deliver eye-watering footage and do so while flying safely and efficiently.

We need to shift your mindset, policies, and practices from that of a drone owner to a drone pilot to an artistic drone pilot.

That means not compromising on safety while adopting flight techniques guaranteed to deliver editor approved artistry.

Your flight system, the gimbal, sensors, batteries, and all other aspects of the drone technology are critical underlying foundations to safe drone flying.

Your takeoff, in-flight and landing checklists and processes are crucial.

We cover them all.

Our first goal is to ensure professional-level drone pilot skills.

Next, we layer in filmmaking principles, techniques, and skills.

After all, what will differentiate your work is the unique integration of commercial drone piloting capabilities with specialized aerial cinematography skills.  

You will learn storytelling, building suspense, artistic use of light, framing and composition to build the right emotions.

We show you how to use the technology to accentuate your artistry.

The combination is what allows you to deliver output that keeps the clients coming back for more.

Finally, we delve into the basics of building a tremendous aerial cinematography business.

That means covering the development of a significant pipeline of business opportunities, ensuring the economics make sense, and delivering high quality, on-time at an attractive client value proposition.

We have limited slots that we make available during the year, so if you want to build a successful drone photography or drone cinematography business, then you should contact us to schedule your Drone Cinematography Business Masterclass today.

Hannah and Jesse drone cinematography training instructors
Hannah and Jesse drone cinematography training instructors

Who Are Your Instructors?

We are Jesse and Hannah, a husband and wife team, along with some of our best friends. We started as filmmakers over a decade ago, long before we found a love for drone cinematography.

Since we first got started, we have assembled an incredible team of creative artistic drone filmmakers who share our passion for artistry delivered through drone technology.

We have partnered with My Drone Services and Viper Drones to provide highly specialized drone technology required to deliver superb quality imagery safely.

In combination, we can field custom integrated drone flight systems, our gimbals, finely tuned sensors such as those from FLIR (for Thermal Imaging), and even RED cameras.

With this partnership, we can help you gain access to the best technology stack cost-effectively.

Our collective team has spent years honing our drone flying skills and refining our approach to drone filmmaking.

Through our experience creating commercial films, Television Series, Live Broadcasts, Commercials, and other commercial drone videography, we have accumulated a lot of best practices and lessons that we will share with you.

Our goal is to share our passion for drone cinematography.

Our Drone Cinematography Training will help you build a winning drone business by becoming a more artistic professional aerial cinematographer.