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Drone Insights

Drones are commonly referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS).

The drone industry emerged from entrepreneurs using off-the-shelf drones to enter the drone services market.

Off-the-shelf drone technology was easily accessible but came with a proprietary operating system, pre-selected hardware choices, built-in flight control, payload, sensor, and rudimentary information systems.

Their advantage was availability and relative affordability, plus a large number of amateur drone pilots who were familiar with their operation.

While these “amateur” drones performed beautifully for photography enthusiasts collecting aerial photos, drone video, or those operations that fit within their design limits, they were inherently limiting, inflexible, and difficult to integrate. They did not work so well for industrial inspection in hazardous locations, for surveyors looking to build detailed orthomosaic maps, or the more sophisticated project needs of drone companies.

Inevitably, other entrepreneurs stepped into the breach, offering unbundled pieces that are combined to build a more seamless and finely tuned solution. The new drone business focuses on professional drone services, and technology requirements have made it easier to develop and optimize aerial drone services and find capable service providers.

Whether you are in the drone services business providing aerial photography, orthomosaic maps, aerial inspections, collecting drone data, or a variety of other solutions, you know that you can’t do this alone.

The professional drone service business is a collaborative activity. It requires many pieces to come together for an excellent project deliverable.

That is where My Drone Services has been focused. We want to help other like-minded partners build and deliver superb drone services.

First, you will need Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed drone pilots, drone operators, service providers, and other related professionals with relevant domain expertise.

Second, you will need a professional drone that is a proper commercial drone.

Third, you will need to integrate a sensor tailored for the project/mission onto your aerial vehicle.

Finally, you will need the appropriate technology to manage the entire process.

As you navigate our site, you will find various solutions that we can provide to you.

We partner with drone service providers and companies working to develop their aerial system capabilities. Our goal is to accelerate drone adoption and transformation.

We provide advisory services to help our partners navigate the FAA regulations. If you need a waiver for your specific drone mission, we help you get that FAA waiver.

We provide integrated aerial systems that are finely tuned compositions of leading-edge sensors and the safest professional drones.

We have developed a scalable process management solution for drone operations. Our solution prioritizes safety while delivering performance effectively.

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