Learn To Fly A Drone In The Philippines

In our formative years, a portion of our team spent much time in the Philippines developing and testing drone integrations. We met with many wonderful people and developed a training program for some of our pilots and engineers there. That training program still exists today, and we are happy to recommend them.

You are looking for help in learning to fly a drone in the Philippines

Perhaps you bought your new drone and want to practice before you take it out.

Maybe you are a committed hobbyist and into photography and videography in situations that require Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines CAAP certifications.

Or, you want to fly drones (RPAS) for commercial drone services (which requires CAAP certification):

Well, you have come to the right place. Read on to discover the easiest course to learn to fly a drone and become a CAAP-certified RPAS controller.

Pass the CAAP Commercial Drone License Exam

The CAAP commercial drone regulation allows drone pilots to fly RPAS for business.

To become CAAP certified, you need to pass the CAAP drone pilot theory exam and a practical flying exam.

Our recommended course teaches you everything you need to know to get your commercial drone license in the Philippines.

All students who learn to fly a drone with our partner have become CAAP-certified!

drone selfie - learning to fly a drone in Philippines

Why should You take an in-person course?

The CAAP certification process is very complicated and could be difficult for even the most motivated. When you attend one of our classes with experienced instructors, you will get unparalleled experience and preparation. Where else can you attend a class with instructors such as our incredible Chief Pilot Colonel Manuel Morales, a former military pilot with 28 years of flying experience?

You think it’s easy. You want to study online, pass the test, and get your commercial drone license. But it’s much more complicated. How will you prepare for real-life scenarios? A Study guide won’t help you. Only instructors with real experience can give you the insights and practical experience you need.

You will work with real aeronautical maps and will get to interact with others in your small group. Passing the practical examination requires you to fly a drone. In this class, you will fly a drone. Each class will have 12 or fewer students. This gives you the chance to ask questions and discuss the material. More importantly, you will get one-on-one attention from the instructor while you prep for your commercial drone license. If you want to pass the CAAP drone pilot test and gain hands-on experience, our course is the solution.

Learn to fly a drone in classes tailored to your skills

During a typical class, you will:

  • Meet with your instructor in the classroom to study the theory and mechanics of flight, including necessary information about the drones, controllers, and software
  • Move to an outdoor location for a practical flying experience where you will get hands-on time to master orientation, flight maneuvers, and some advanced flying skills
  • Practice what to do in various emergency situations, such as losing GPS
  • Learn the best practices for being a safe and responsible drone pilot
  • Understand and review questions about the regulations, flight operations, or other subjects covered by the CAAP exam

Where are the classes held?

Classes are held to teach people how to fly a drone in the Philippines in various locations around the Philippines. Contact us to find a location right for you.

How much do these classes cost?

Please contact our partners for a personalized skill assessment, tailored class program, and cost. Fill in the form below, send an email to learn@mydroneservices.com

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