Professional Drone Cinematography and Aerial Drone Videography Services

We deliver artistic works using drone technology. Get your professional quality artistic drone cinematography and aerial drone videography services from Spaulding International Cinema (SIC Visuals)

Try us. It’s simple, convenient, completely custom aerial drone photography, and 100% pure artistry.

We are artists who use drone technology to deliver stunning video that is impossible or very expensive to capture by traditional methods – such as a crane, dolly-cam, or even helicopter. We have years of experience with various equipment, from small action cams, DSLR cameras, to cinematic cameras, such as the RED. We fly the best cameras for the desired needs, and we operate them on customized and specially integrated drones.

Our drone cinematography and aerial drone videography services will capture artistically professional stabilized footage from a unique perspective in various HD quality specifications (e.g., HD, 4K, 5.2K, and 8K). Whether it’s tracking fast-moving objects or capturing sweeping, glorious aerial perspectives, our drone teams have the artistry, experience, and passion for delivering the fantastic shots you need.

photographer at the edge of beautiful scene professional drone cinematography
Photographer at the edge of beautiful scene professional drone cinematography

Drone Photography Services

Aerial photographs are in high demand because they deliver incredible new angles and perspectives to existing properties and vistas. Get editor-approved magazine-quality aerial shots. Our drone pilots are specially trained to capture those stunning drone photos that will make a difference to your project.

Real Estate Drone Photography and Drone Videography Services

If you are a commercial real estate seller, you know that video marketing can give your property sale that extra oomph. Our drone footage focuses on accentuating those angles and perspectives that are most attractive. You will find our drone real estate photography or drone real estate video packages very easy to schedule, affordable, and delivered with fast turnaround.

Drone Videography Services

Transform the static photography and video view into a dynamic, breathtaking, immersive perspective with high-definition aerial videography.

When you want imagery to tell a story and allow your audience to become fully immersed in the experience, nothing beats aerial drone videography. Your marketing video or music video can sing with the right shots. From artistic sweeping aerial videos to fully immersive 360 VR video, we can capture it all. With our specialized drone video service, we provide artist operators who, combined with our custom integrated heavy-lift drones, our own designed gimbals,  and the best digital sensors and cameras, can deliver breath-taking and immersive signature drone videography.

Indoor Drone Videography Services

Our indoor drone videography services deliver buttery smooth, drone-style shots in an enclosed setting. While there are fewer regulations around privately enclosed drone flying, that does not mean indoor drone videography is any more comfortable. Safe indoor drone flying and resulting indoor drone videography are exceptionally challenging. We approach these requirements with specially trained and experienced drone operator teams to deliver our standard professional-grade artist-approved results. Whether it’s a Club, Factory, Hangar, Stadium, Studio, or Warehouse, our teams have experience with your environment.

Live Drone Video Broadcast

Live Drone Video broadcasts for news media or an event are some of the most challenging to get right. We frequently approach these requirements with multiple drone systems and FAA-licensed and insured operator teams (drone operator and camera operator) to build a level of redundancy. Whether it’s single or numerous teams, though, our drone operator teams will consist of artists and technologists who have the right experience in LIVE Broadcast. For these engagements, we use highly specialized drone systems integrated especially for heavy lift, increased safety, and longer fight durations.

Drone Cinematography Services

Our drone cinematography services combine technology and artistry to deliver majestic, breathtaking, and other superlative filled director approved drone video.

When you are looking for film quality, nothing beats our aerial drone cinematography services. With this specialized drone video service, we provide artist operators with film experience, and we utilize our custom-integrated heavy-lift cinematic drones, our own designed gimbals,  and the best digital cinema cameras to deliver award-winning signature drone cinematography.

Aerial Maps, LIDAR, Thermal Imaging Drone Services

We have partnered with several great drone services partners through our Viper Drones brand to provide highly specialized drone services required to deliver orthomosaics, 3D maps, volume measurements, digital elevation models, LIDAR, or Thermal Imaging requirements from drones.

In combination, we can field custom integrated drone flight systems, our gimbals, finely tuned sensors such as those from FLIR (for Thermal Imaging), and superbly trained and experienced operators. With this partnership, we can deliver rapidly, cost-effectively, and incredibly precise and accurate data. Contact any one of us to find out more about these specialized drone imaging services.

artistry delivered drone services videography and cinematography
Artistry delivered drone services, videography, and cinematography

Better Aerial Photography and Drone Videography Services

We partner with talented aerial photographers and videographers in building their drone business because we love drones and we love video production.

Our partners are FAA-licensed and insured Professional Drone Cinematography and Aerial Drone Videography Services operators.

Our production teams are artists trained to get it right the first time and on time. Like all great production companies, our post-production process ensures we get it right for you every time.

We start by making sure we have a clear understanding of your business objectives before launching any project. Every project is unique, and we tailor many aspects of the flight operation to ensure we deliver what you need.

What’s not unique – we are always artists, always safe, always on time, and always on the budget.

Contact us today and get your drone “Artistry Delivered.”